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June 26th - July 1st, 2015 | Neuchâtel, Switzerland


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Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize impact and innovation in the teaching of Operations Management. This award will align with the submission and evaluation process for the other EurOMA best paper awards whilst taking into account the necessity to allow submissions to demonstrate creativity and impact.

Submission format and process:

The submission must outline an original teaching innovation that has been used successfully in a class. The submission should describe the teaching innovation in a way that interested readers will have sufficient information to replicate the innovation in their own classes.

The submission and assessment process is as follows:

  • Submission of extended abstract to the Annual conference.
  • Decision on abstract acceptance.
  • Submission of full paper to the Annual conference.
  • Selection of shortlist of submissions.
  • Presentation in a dedicated 30 minute slot in the Annual Conference (for short listed papers)


The submissions will be evaluated equally across three dimensions:

  • Evidence of pedagogical excellence
  • Evidence of creativity and/or innovation
  • Evidence of impact.

There will be two parts to the submission:

  • Paper – 100% evaluation by the panel
  • Presentation (for short listed papers) – 50% evaluation by the panel, 50% by the audience

Each of the shortlisted presentations will be filmed. The resultant films will be made available via the EurOMA website with the associated papers and any other resources that the authors may wish to share.

Prize Giving:

There will be one prize allocated each year of €200. All short listed papers will be identified in the EurOMA timetable / proceedings so that they are easily identifiable sessions for delegates to attend. All short listed submissions will be verbally recognized at the prize giving but only the winning submission will receive a prize.